40 Show-Stopping Billboard Music Award Outfits That Fans Will Never Forget

Like it or not, part of being a performer is knowing what to wear. Before the Billboard Awards kick off every year, the attendees temporarily become models – or even walking works of art – on the red carpet. Not all their outfits are smash hits with the media, but they’re definitely memorable. So, from Rita Ora’s outrageously revealing dress to Dencia’s rainbow ensemble, let’s discover 40 looks that’ll go down in the history books.

40. Vanessa Hudgens – 2017

Vanessa Hudgens was the co-host of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, so of course she had to wear an absolute showstopper. Eight of them, in fact. Though perhaps this silver number was the most impressive of all. Its incredible headpiece served as a tribute to Cher, who was given the ICON award that night.

39. Rebel Wilson – 2018

Comedienne Rebel Wilson did a bit about the Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding at the 2018 Billboard Awards. And she did so while wearing an outfit which would’ve sufficed at the nuptials themselves! Her pink Haney dress was a super nice one, and the matching hat was a real eye-catcher.

38. Miley Cyrus – 2013

Of course Miley Cyrus would wear something wacky to the 2013 Billboard Awards. Yet by her standards, this black-and-white checkered Balmain outfit was very tame. Cyrus informed Michelle Marie on the red carpet that she could barely move around in the jumpsuit, but it was enough to win her a spot on a few best-dressed lists.

37. Busta Rhymes – 1997

Are you ready for a wave of nostalgia? Back at the 1997 BMAs the Spice Girls were winning awards, actor David Spade was hosting and a Busta Rhymes at the top of his game showed up in this amazing navy blue outfit with matching turban. Let’s see more men dressing like that for the modern-day shows!