Charles Made A Decision About Camilla's Title That Surprised The British Public

When King Charles III was crowned, it was many people's first time seeing a coronation play out. After all, Queen Elizabeth's coronation was over 70 years ago. It's been even longer since a king and queen were crowned, and there was a time when the idea of Charles being crowned King alongside anyone else but Princess Diana sounded ridiculous. But as we all know now, things change, and Camilla found herself wearing the crown on Charles' coronation day. Even more surprising, however, is a move that the King made regarding her royal title. It just may impact her future in the royal family.

Charles' wandering eyes

Before she was the “other woman” in then-Prince Charles and Diana’s relationship, Camilla dated Charles for a while. However, they rekindled their old flame at a very inappropriate time — in the public’s eye, at least. Right when Diana captured the hearts of people across the world, the prince’s own eyes wandered to his former girlfriend. According to Charles’ official biography, they got together in 1986, 5 years after his marriage to Diana. 


Charles and Camilla's not-so-secret love affair became shockingly public (not to mention rather bawdy). Yes, that’s right: Tampongate, or Camillagate to give it a more sanitary name, actually happened! If you’re unfamiliar with the story, you’re probably very confused right now. Surely you can’t have missed that particular piece of royal gossip?

The leak that shocked the world

For those of you who don’t know, when Charles and Camilla were still in their respective relationships, they spoke over the phone about their… longing for each other. Now this was in 1989 — way before smartphones, if you can imagine such a time — and the conversation wasn’t just recorded, but leaked to the public. The conversation hit the headlines and shocked the nation.

Scandalous then and now

To keep things as clean as possible, we’ll paraphrase: Charles told Camilla he wished he could “live in [her] trousers,” to which Camilla responded with a crack about him turning into a pair of knickers (that's panties for all of you who don’t speak UK slang.) Charles replied, “Or, God forbid, a Tampax. Just my luck!” Back in those days, it was scandalous. Nowadays, it's still pretty gross — but it shows how much they loved each other even then.