If You’re Heading Off To College, Think Again Before Choosing These Schools

Going away to college is one of the most exciting experiences in life. Ideally, higher education should be fun and intellectually stimulating, with the college itself being a place where you form lasting relationships. It should also position you for a thriving future in the world of work. And with all that in mind, you may want to avoid the following 40 institutions. A few of the entries may well even shock you.

40. Fayetteville State University

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, this school is situated in what has been called the grimmest area of the city. A recent student review on Rate My Professors claimed, “I get phone calls, e-mails, text alerts at least two to three times a month of someone getting stabbed, shot, a body found, or mugged.” The graduation rate is also a fairly low 35.33 percent, according to Univ Stats, which is far from great on an academic level.

39. Florida Memorial University

During 2019 36.14 percent of the students who started a four-year bachelor’s degree at Florida Memorial University graduated. This isn’t a stellar rate, and when you add the fact that some students have accused the professors of being disrespectful to them, it doesn’t make for a great picture. An anonymous review on Rate My Professors even stated, “I would not recommend anyone to come here.” Ouch.

38. Grambling State University

According to Bill Alvarez of Owlcation, graduating from Grambling State University in Louisiana will get you a return on your investment of $61,100 over two decades. That’s not so bad compared to some of the other institutions on this list. But the rural location of the school is a major stumbling block, with the area being called boring, yet also dangerous and rife with narcotics and firearms.

37. Lindsey Wilson College

With a staggeringly bad estimated return on investment of minus $160,800 over 20 years, it’s no wonder Lindsey Wilson College made the Owlcation list of worst colleges in America. To be fair, though, many on Rate My Professors praised the small, intimate nature of the school. But one unhappy student did write, “If you’re from rural Kentucky, this is the school for you. Anybody with some culture outside the Bible Belt will find it hard to adapt.”