If Your Wrists Are Ever Zip-Tied Together, There’s One Simple Way To Escape In Seconds

It’s a nightmarish scenario to imagine – let alone live through. But having your wrists zip-tied to restrain your movements is something that could potentially happen to you one day. Thankfully, though, the team at Imminent Threat Solutions (ITS) have explained how you can easily escape from such a situation in seconds.

Taking on tough situations

Bryan Black is the founder of ITS. He had previously been in the U.S. Navy, but his time in the military was cut short by an injury. He completed much of the training required to become a SEAL, though, and learned a lot about taking care of himself in tough circumstances... like having your wrists tied.

Identifying the threat

After leaving the military, Black developed his interest in surviving the outdoors. And all of his experiences inspired him to establish ITS. It's a website that helps readers to safely explore the world while also learning skills that can get them out of unsafe situations. One potential threat identified by Black and his team is kidnapping.

An all-too-common tactic

More specifically, in a YouTube video that the team produced, they focused on restraint by zip ties. They also acknowledged that some kidnappers may prefer to utilize rope or duct tape. But, as the ITS staff point out on the website, “All of these methods can be easily defeated.”

Establishing the situation

In a kidnap situation, then, it’s all about waiting for the right moment to act. “Your captors are most likely not going to have the resources or the patience to keep an eye on you constantly,” the ITS site says. So, to demonstrate what people should do in such an emergency, the ITS team invested in the strongest zip ties available to them.