Charlie Chaplin's Scandalous Love Triangle Raised Suspicions About A Hollywood Murder

On the evening of November 15th, 1924, Charlie Chaplin rubbed his hands together in anticipation. The hard-working comedian would be taking a break that weekend to attend a star-studded Hollywood affair. Besides Chaplin, the guest list included a pioneering director, a film beauty, a ruthless gossip columnist, and the most powerful media magnate in the world. And, within 24 hours, one of them would end up dead.

Chaplin's Arrival

As a work-hard, play-hard sort of performer, Chaplin was a joy to have at any party. Granted, he did bring along some baggage with his complicated love life. As Charlie greeted his host that night, some guests sensed tension between the two of them.

William Randolph Hearst

Though just about anyone would feel nervous around William Randolph Hearst. He had a modern-day net worth of $30 billion, had served in Congress, and ran the world's most powerful newspaper in the New York Journal. The colorful tycoon was the subject of many headlines too.

The Tycoon's Famous Lover

One of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood was that Hearst had a rather famous mistress. He carried on with the beautiful Marion Davies, who would have eagerly married him had his estranged wife ever agreed to a divorce. The actress was quite a catch, and Hearst wasn't the only one smitten with her.

Potential Love Triangle

The tinseltown rumor mill was churning with stories that Davies enjoyed a romantic rendezvous with none other than Chaplin! Naturally, both denied it. But they were friendly and had worked together on the set of The Pilgrim the previous year. Hollywood's chief gossiper watched them like a hawk.