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Adorable Photos Of Princess Charlotte That Show A Fascinating Evolution

Princess Charlotte of Wales may have only arrived into the world in 2015, but she’s already made history. Thanks to The Succession to the Crown Act, Charlotte is now the first female royal who will never be overtaken in the line to the throne by a younger brother. So while she is still small, her impact is and will be huge. Let’s take a look back at this little princess’ small but mighty legacy with 40 photos that capture her remarkable evolution.

Charlotte, meet the world

Let’s face it, after giving birth the last thing you want to do is go outside and smile for photographers. But Kate, clutching her baby in her arms, did exactly that – and she was so obviously happy and relieved that perhaps it didn’t really matter much to her that the cameras were there.

A royal christening

Normal christenings can be busy affairs at the best of times, but royal christenings? They’re on another level! Still, Kate managed to get some breathing room with baby Charlotte before entering the church for her ceremony in July 2015. With little Charlotte only having been a few months old at the time, this moment of calm must have been much needed.

Charlotte’s first skiing holiday

Fans of the royal family went nuts when the Palace released a personal shot of Kate and co in March 2016. The family had gone on a skiing break, the first ever holiday for little Charlotte. And everyone oohed and ahhhed over the sheer cuteness of it all.

Matching mom at her first Trooping the Color

When Charlotte was just one year old, she attended the June 2016 Trooping the Color ceremony, to excited applause from the crowds, no less. Kate grinned delightedly as Charlotte wiggled her hands. Oh, and they showed up in matching outfits, too!