Little-Known Details About Three’s Company

Three’s Company is a show that stands the test of time. It had a stellar cast of major and minor characters, some shocking story developments, and many laugh-out-loud moments. Yup, the hilarious and ridiculous antics of three roommates transfixed American audiences for almost a decade in the 1970s. But behind the cameras, life was anything but blissful. This list reveals the darker hidden stories including ruthless firings and friendship splits.

Audra Lindley and Norman Fell couldn't return after they left

Spinoff shows can be a double-edged sword — for audiences and creators. Audra Lindley and Norman Fell learned this all too well when they departed Three’s Company to star in their own offshoot show, The Ropers.

The ABC Network told the actors that they would regain their roles on Three’s Company if the spinoff didn’t last longer than one season. So when The Ropers lasted for one and a half seasons, the producers reneged on the deal. Cold!

Priscilla Barnes was told she was "too blonde"

Imagine this: you land a new job, everything’s going great, and then you get told off by your bosses for being “too blonde.” Well, for Priscilla Barnes, this is her very real story from the set of Three’s Company.

She was allegedly reprimanded for her too-blonde locks on more than one occasion. "Our bosses were very, very controlling," Barnes told CNN in 2002. "If my hair was too blonde, I'd get called up in the office."

The cast only met when they started filming

One of the strengths of Three’s Company is the chemistry between the three main characters, so you might be surprised to learn that the actors who played them weren’t even introduced to one another until it was time to shoot.

This was probably because Suzanne Somers, John Ritter, and Joyce DeWitt were only confirmed as the main cast of the show at the very last minute. There had been plenty of changes behind the scenes before they went before the cameras.

Heather Locklear had a sweaty audition

Fans probably know that Heather Locklear auditioned for the show, but they might not know the awkward circumstances surrounding her tryout. Locklear went in for the role of Chrissy Snow and was nervous about the audition. So nervous, in fact, that the actor began sweating excessively.

So, Locklear put tissues under her armpits to "soak up the perspiration." In the audition, though, the tissues worked their way loose and started showing. "I walk out of the door and as soon as it shut, they all laugh," Locklear later said.