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When Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Went To An In-N-Out, Their Fans Couldn’t Believe What They Did Next

Imagine being in line at In-N-Out Burger – only to see none other than Oscar winner — and all around legend — Tom Hanks queuing up in front of you. Pah! Dream on. Or not... For some lucky folks in California, that really happened. And rather than flying under the radar, Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, surprised their fans in a truly unforgettable way.

Unusual visitors

It was a few days before Christmas when Hanks and Wilson rolled up to the Fontana In-N-Out. And, naturally, it was a big deal. The restaurant is 50 miles or so from LA, so they don't generally have a lot of celebrity customers, but that all changed when Rita and Tom got a hankering for an In-N-Out patty.

Incognito mode: deactivated

When fans noticed the couple eating burgers, they snapped a few sneaky photos. Hanks and Wilson didn't seem to mind, either. They even struck up a conversation with the restaurant staff. But at that point, their behavior became less ordinary and more like that of two Hollywood A-listers on a mission to impress.

Showing his true colors

Before he waltzed into that In-N-Out, Hanks had already cultivated a very specific image for himself. He’s often touted as one of Hollywood’s most well-liked stars, and to his legions of fans he seems like a good guy. But we also know he’s an Oscar-winning actor, so his real-life personality could be totally different! And on that trip to Fontana, he appeared to show his true colors.

How much do we really know?

What do we really know about Hanks, after all? Perhaps we've just formed an opinion from his movies. He burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1984 in the comedy flick Splash. But it was 1989’s Big that proved he was a superstar — and a talented actor, too. He earned his first Academy Award nomination for that classic flick, in fact.