Here’s Why You Never See Eva Mendes Anymore

As a Hollywood idol, Eva Mendes is a woman who seemingly has it all. Not only is she beautiful and talented, but she also has her very own leading man at her side in the form of fellow heartthrob Ryan Gosling. So why do we never see her in films anymore?

In the 2000s, Mendes’ career was definitely on the up. That decade saw the actress find fame with films such as Once Upon a Time in Mexico, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Hitch. And in later years, Mendes also became known for her relationship with fellow movie star Ryan Gosling.

But though they’re among Hollywood’s most elite couples, Mendes and Gosling are notoriously private. They rarely appear in public together and have kept their two daughters firmly out of the spotlight. And Mendes has retreated from life in the public eye even further, having not made a movie since 2014.

It’d be fair to say that Mendes comes from a pretty ordinary background. The future star was born in March 1974 in Florida. But following her Cuban mom and dad’s break-up, she’d later relocate to California. And while she’s considered a beauty now, in 2007 the actress told the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald that she was bullied by her siblings because of her “buck teeth.”

Still, from an early age, Mendes dreamed of a more exciting lifestyle. “I was poor. I came from a lower-middle-class family so I would imagine all kinds of things,” she recalled. “I thought I was going to be an astronaut and an opera singer when I was really little. Then I thought about being a movie star when I saw Annie. I was seven then.”