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When A Woman Heard Barking Inside A Car, She Was Greeted By An Unexpected Sight

Picture the scene: you just got to work, and you yawn as you walk through the parking lot. It's early, and you can't help but imagine yourself snuggled in bed at home. Suddenly, the early morning silence is interrupted by an unusual sound. It's a muffled yelping noise, and in an instant, you realize two things: there's a dog trapped inside one of the cars in the parking lot... and judging by the volume and the persistence of the pooch's yelps, it's in distress. This is exactly what happened to a woman named Carrie Gillaspie.  

The "craziest thing"

All too often, people on social media stretch the truth in hopes of going viral. But when Carrie Gillaspie heard those scared barks that day in the parking lot, she knew she had a very serious and very real story on her hands. A digital reporter for the Kansas City Royals, Gillaspie first revealed her story on social media in the spring of 2023. She began by telling her followers, “The absolute craziest thing happened to me today.” And what Gillaspie said next proved that she wasn’t exaggerating, either. 

The mysterious vanishing puppy

"The absolute craziest thing" started when Gillaspie drove her car into her workplace’s nearby parking lot. It wasn't until she was walking through the parking lot that she first heard the muffled cries of a dog. Gillaspie initially thought she’d discovered the source of all the barking. But when she got down on her hands and knees to look under one particular vehicle, all she saw was the pavement — no dog. And yet, the barking continued, and it sounded like it was coming from that very spot.

"It's coming from inside this car"

In an interview with Inside Edition Gillaspie explained, “There was no dog under the car but I could still hear the whimpering and I’m like, ‘It’s coming from inside this car.’” But when Gillaspie peered into the car's windows, all she saw were empty seats. The canine wasn’t simply in the passenger seat, and he wasn't in the backseat, either. No, Gillaspie had to think outside the box in order to find the source of the panicked barks.

Only one other possibility

And when Gillaspie put her ear to the trunk of the car, she didn't hear anything. This meant that the barks had to be coming from somewhere else in the car... but where? That's when Gillaspie's heart sank. You see, if the dog wasn't under the car or inside the car, then there was only one other place to check: under the hood.